Grim Thought

For those of you (us) deeply involved in the Tea Parties and attempting to contact representatives about the health (non) care bill, well, I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but I had a very troubling thought:

They aren’t going to listen to you. They don’t care. Obama has likely made side deals with any “blue dogs” who are in vulnerable seats to ensure them government jobs if they get voted out. But regardless, Obama/Rahm Emmanuel view a loss of 30-40 seats next year as “acceptable casualties.” Their goal is to put in place a “doosmday machine” that would require supermajorities of committed conservatives in the House AND Senate to dismantle. They are counting on the fact that it will be extremely difficult to ever amass such majorities.

So you don’t matter. All your marching, protesting, calling, faxing, e-mailing, which is noble and commendable and in a “normal” democracy would be effective, is not going to work on this bunch. That came to me when I tried to call BOTH my senators, one Republican and one Dem, over cap and trade. Neither even had a human that would take a call: both went to voice mail that I’m sure was purged at 5:00.

This is made much, much worse by a lapdog media that is every bit as bad as the old Soviet propaganda arms, Izvestia and Pravda. Town halls? We have already seen that the Dems are moving to “controlled” settings with “submitted” questions so they don’t have to even take a question they don’t want, much less listen to your voice.

This is serious, serious stuff.

Marching? You would have to literally shut down Washington. It can be done, but it’s tricky. I think you have to have a “planned” non-planned event, without parade or speaking permits, where 4-5 million people absolutely bring that city to a standstill. People should drive “clunkers” there and when the traffic clogs, get out and walk away. You can claim later you feared for your safety. Imagine what would happen if even 2,000 clunkers were abandoned in the roads around D.C.? The Congresscritters would be stuck! Not all of them have helos. They’d HAVE to see the crowds, deal with them in some way. So would the media. Don’t have “planned speeches.” Just mill around, “looking at the sights,” and maybe gather when someone starts to speak 🙂

But we may even be beyond this kind of action. Obama is counting on the fact that once this is in place, he has three years to ride it out. So he loses 40 members of the House and 4-5 senators? There won’t be enough to unravel this ball of confusion.

The Joker poster is looking more accurate all the time.

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