NCR Relocation Aided by . . . Stimulus $$

Folks, the scuttlebutt here in Dayton, just confirmed by a source at the Dayton Daily News, is that NCR, which over the weekend announced it would pull out of Dayton (it’s home for forever) and relocate in Atlanta, GA, has been made possible in part by Georgia stimulus money.
For those who haven’t followed this, in the Dayton area this is huge. NCR (National Cash Register) is the main private sector business in the Miami Valley and is a tradition. James Patterson (then head of NCR) personally handled most of the relief efforts in the massive flood here in the 1900s. The company said that in addition to “incentives,” the Atlanta area has a much higher % of 26 to 40 year olds to draw from; and also OH has the 46th worst business climate in the nation; and also we have, er, WINTER.

But this takes the cake: Dayton officials were whining that they hadn’t had a chance to make a counteroffer (to which I noted that their “chance” has been going on for 20 years and no one listened). All the while, it’s Obama stimulus money that sealed the deal. And here’s the kicker of kickers: GA went for McCain, and OH went for Obama. Oh, the irony.

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