Hello all! It’s been a while, as I’ve been completely immersed in the film company and in getting Patriot’s History of the United States turned into a television series. That is moving along well. I may have some news within the month. In the meantime, we are steadily working toward completing an awesome trailer that I can’t wait to post.

As you can see by the banner up top, the new book with David Dougherty, A Patriot’s History of the Modern World, vol. 1, From America’s Ascent to the Atomic Bombs will be available in November. We all wanted to wait until the election cleared so people can focus again on history! Volume 2 will be out approximately one year later, covering from 1945 to 2012 and, we hope, Obama’s defeat (and I would add, landslide defeat) at the polls.

A Patriot’s History Reader is slowly building steam as people realize what a great resource it is. Any of you homeschoolers should definitely look at this source.

“Rockin’ the Wall” will have a NATIONAL PBS BROADCAST this October. Currently we are negotiating with some very big sponsors. Our sequel, “Other Walls 2 Fall,” is still in production and we hope to have it wrapped by the release of “Rockin’ the Wall.” There are a number of other movie projects you can see at http://www.rockinthewallstudios.com.
Larry Schweikart will be speaking at the Cincinnati/Midwest Homeschool Convention in April, as always. Stay tuned.

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