Angry? Maybe It’s Time

Recently I had a talk with a colleague (one on my side of the aisle) about the increasingly dire threat posed to this country by the unholy trinity of Obama/Reid-Pelosi/ and the media. The upshot of this person’s question to me was, “What can you say that will give me some hope? Some optimism? Is there a way we can reach the kids, the students, and the younger people?”

We aren’t quite “done” yet, but the old thermometer is edging up by the day, and I don’t mean global warming. Cap and Trade (i.e, “cap and tax”) has passed the House and our hopes of avoiding federal enviro-nazis swooping into your homes and clamping down “do not sell” restrictions on your house until you comply with their inane regulations hangs on the votes of a few left-wing Democrat senators who in the past have shown no inclination to challenge Harry Reid. (You see, the Democrat Party has this habit of actually punishing so-called “mavericks” who criticize Dem leadership. Real-life Gong-Show refugees such as Al Franken now will vote on your right to drive what you want and eat what you want. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There is new twitter about the C02 pollution of computers. Once the computer becomes the next SUV, what sites, exactly, do you think will be deemed the most “polluting?” You got it: Drudge, FreeRepublic; Redstate; and a host of conservative sites. Guess which ones will be ok? Huffington Post, MSNBC, and Daily Kos.

But it gets worse: the National Socialist (that would be Nazi, if you were in Germany) Health Care system that is now about to come up for a vote will absolutely eliminate private health care options. Do not kid yourself: They are going to say that they aren’t going to interfere with your right to go to your “own doctor” or have your own “private health insurance.” But there won’t be non-government doctors or private health insurance if the government mandates them out of existence. Do not forget that this was a major goal of Hillarycare just 15 years ago. Once people found out, it caused a firestorm—but times have changed. The media was atrocious then, but it’s a 100% propaganda machine for the Left today. A few holdouts, such as Fox and Rush, remind me of the brave Dutch shouting at the stormtroopers before they were gunned down. If health care or cap and tax fail, the media will see it as the failure of their guy, and in their view, Obama must not be allowed to fail.

Even still, I hear people who want to “get past all this partisanship.” Sorry, but GROW UP. Our system from the beginning has pitted one group against another out of fear of the very giant government that is metastasizing before our eyes. James Madison didn’t like “parties” or “factions,” but he finally admitted that they were absolutely necessary to fragment power. In Washington today, however, we nearly have one political party: the Democrats, who march in lock step with Obama, and the cowardly Republicans who, aside from a few heroes (John Kyl, Jeff Sessions, Jim DeMint come to mind in the Senate, and most of those remaining in the House) are merely “me-too Democrats.”

For our system to work, there has to be a clear choice, not a mushy middle, because the mushy middle always, always, always gravitates left. There is a “presumption of power” on the Left—conservatives, by nature, do not like government, don’t trust it, and do not want to use it to advance their ends, which they see as advanced through liberty, individual achievement, and entrepreneurship. If Republicans do not unite 100%—and soon—behind the idea that the unholy trinity must be stopped dead or we will not have the American Republic that we have all known all our lives, it may soon be too late. Maybe it’s time all of you got just a little mad.

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